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Kraft Backed Wood Veneer Edging

What’s behind the world’s best wood veneer edgebanding? Resin Impregnated Kraft Paper Backer. The Kraft paperbacker combined with the finest veneer available and Edgemate’s specialized manufacturing process has given the industry the highest quality of wood veneer edgebanding for over 30 years.

The only manufacturer of this product, Edgemate’s hot press system utilizes a thermo-acrylic adhesive, which ‘cross-links’ to provide the most effective bond in the industry. The backer actually becomes part of the edgebanding, eliminating problems associated with delamination, making it the only wood veneer edgebanding with a 100% guarantee.

Edgemate’s Kraft paper backer wood veneer edgebanding 5pt Advantage:

  1. Stabilizes the wood to help prevent splitting, tearing and checking
  2. Stronger adhesive bond at finger joints, eliminating separation and popping and producing the tightest and virtually undetectable joint in the industry.
  3. Superior bonding surface
  4. Serves as a barrier between finishing materials and glue line
  5. Smoother, cleaner trim allowing faster run time.

Kraft paper backed Automatic wood veneer edgebanding

Hand sorted premium grade veneer is expertly end grain, color matched and fine sanded to provide a beautiful real wood edge treatment. Edgemate offers specialized processing for Softform applications, featuring precision sanding and options such as fixed length increments in coils with magnetic sensing tape. For an economical choice for your edgebanding needs Edgemate also offers Fleece Backed Veneer in automatic continuous coils.

Kraft paper backed Preglued wood veneer edgebanding

This product is suitable for straight-line and simple contour/radius applications. Edgemate preglued veneer edgebanding is available with either pre applied hot melt or pressure sensitive adhesives in a wide range of sizes and species. Edgemate uses an extruded EVA hot melt giving the product high viscosity glue for a superior bond. An excellent stock program with ‘same day service’ is offered.

Stocking Program

Edgemate offers the most aggressive stocking program in North America with the dozens of widths and species available to meet any requirement.

Alder, Anigre, Ash, Birch White, Birch Red, Birch Natural, Beach Steamed, Cherry, Fir VG, Hickory, Lyptus, Mahogany African, Mahogany Royal (Honduran), Maple, Pecan Pine, Oak Red, Oak White, Teak, Walnut

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