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Profile Wrap Constructions Options

Profile Wrap Veneer Coils

Edgemate pioneered finger jointing of veneer in coils in the early 1980ís and since then has been on the cutting edge of finger jointing technology ever since. Edgemate Profile Wrap veneer coils are produced using state of the art finger joint dies designed to blend and hide the actual finger joint to make it virtually invisible.

Staggered length fingers hid the placement of the joint Small random length fingers hide the joint even further The result is a virtually invisible finger joint
Fixed Length Butt Joint
No Mag Tape   With Mag Tape

Continuous Veneer Joint Options Cost Rating Benefits & Fabrication Aspects
Random Length Finger Joints (-) Most economical format/ allows continuous production, 100% usage & maximum application speeds
Minimum Length Finger Joints (+) Reduced number of joints in finished parts/ allows continuous production & 100% usage, possible reduced application speeds
Fixed Length Butt Joints (++) No joints within finished parts/more difficult to line up with substrates may require manual substrate in feed
Fixed Length Mag Tape Butt Joints (+++) No joints within finished parts/Highly accurate placement in production with specified equipment